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I was little skeptical of Chiropractics in general until now. I am sold. I had cervical surgery years ago which caused me problems so I came to Dr. Haven for relief. Done. Started to have back strains. He took care of that immediately and I come in now on a regular schedule to keep my spine aligned. A year later it dawned on me that I'm NEVER sick anymore. I had a bad case of TMJ and one appointment with Dr. Haven fixed it! I suffered for years with achy hips and legs. No doctor could diagnose.Kept me up at night. Dr. Haven diagnosed it immediately just hearing the symptoms. Took care of that in one appointment. To think I suffered so many years. He even helped me with seasonal allergies. My husband doesn't know me anymore. Lol. Love Dr. Haven and his entire staff. They're a delight.

Robin Hagopian

Love the entire staff & all its facilities. I feel like a brand new person every time I leave. Highly recommend Dr Haven!


Since a car accident in February 2016, I have struggled with neck problems . I visit Hilton Head over the summers and was extremely concerned about not having my chiropractor in close proximity. Dr. Haven came highly recommended from our waitress at British Open Pub. I took the chance and stopped by his office the following day. I am so very thankful for finding Dr. Haven. Dr. Haven is extremely thorough and asked me if I wanted him to just treat my pain, or come up with a long term plan to heal me. He approached my issues with caution, as he did not want to interfere with my chiropractic plan back in MA. I was excited that Dr. Haven asked if I wanted him to come up with a long term treatment plan. Dr. Haven is an out of the box thinker and implemented a unique treatment that is personalized for my pain. He implemented the use of a posture pump to heal my neck long term. I take the time to incorporate the posture pump into my daily routine. Wow! It has paid off! My neck and back haven’t felt this healthy in years! I am so very thankful for finding Dr. Haven, as he has changed my life! Competent, sensitive Chiropractors like him are the prize of the profession. I can't say enough good about Dr. Haven and his entire office staff.

Sam L

Dr. Haven is a Chiropractor's Chiropractor. I am a D.C. and Dr. Joe is the one I trust with my care. He keeps me functioning well and feeling great.


Dr. Haven and his staff have taken care of my family for years. He is extremely knowledgeable and shares tips to continue your care at home. I have hobbled in with severe pain and left with little to no pain. He is amazing!!!!


Dr. Haven is wonderful!! He came highly recommended and I'm so glad we chose him. My husband, 2 small children and I have been going to see him for weekly adjustments for about 6 months and we've never felt better. During our initial meeting he spent a great deal of time with us discussing our problems, what was causing them and what he thought the best course of treatment would be. I've had back problems and headaches since high school and after about a month of seeing Dr. Haven they disappeared! My son also used to get frequent ear infections, but now he rarely has them. If we even suspect an ear infection is coming Dr. Haven will see him immediately, adjust him, and by that evening the symptoms are gone! From the convenient location, to the friendly office staff, to treatments, you won't have a better experience anywhere. Highly recommended!


I have been going to Dr. Joe Haven for 2 years, and my wife nearly that long. Both of us have severe back problems. Joe has kept both of us on the golf course with his adjustments after our back doctors had pretty much done all they could do. We are both grateful for what Joe has been able to do for us.


Dr. Haven is my hero!! I have been under his care since a car accident in October. It took some major work to fix my neck and back problems. If you follow what he tells you to do it will work!! I feel better, stand straighter, and even have increased energy from even prior to the accident. I honestly thought chiropractic care was quack doctor's work until I was in this accident. I was given pain meds after and told it was just muscle issues. Then I went back a week later with the same problems and they prescribed more even though x-rays showed problems with my back and neck! Desperate for a better solution than drugs I went and saw him. He's thorough, honest and doesn't beat around the bush. Would highly recommend!


The first back problem I had in my entire life occurred when I was 59. Out of the blue I was doubled over in pain. I didn't want to get pain medicine but wanted an answer to why all of a sudden I was in such pain and to have it corrected. My first visit to a Chiropractor was to Main Street that January day. I got immediate relief and then after two weeks of intensive treatments I was back to normal. I have been visiting every 4 weeks or so since, to get adjustments and I have not experienced any pain or discomfort since. Dr. Joe Haven and his team know their stuff. I'm a fan of his firm and Chiropractic services.


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